Mitt vitnesbyrd

My name is Cathrine  from Uganda.
My life was full of misery due to the pain on my heart.
I had wounds in my heart and never ever thought that one day I would ever got healed.
I thank God for The Victorious Ministry Through Christ because their teaching changes
my life from nothing to something great. God has used them to change my life both
spiritually and physically and to heal the wounds in my heart.
I always cried because of my parents neglect. My father rejected me as his child and my
mother too couldn´t bear it. She always took me as a problem until she also abandoned
me at the age of six.
From that time I faced of many challenges, abuses and problems that I hated my father
and always thought I would never ever forgive him for the pain he caused to me.
The ministry has given me a reason to smile and I now feel real and happy in life.
At the age of 33, I managed to forgive my father because of the teachings and now I feel
free and feel God has given me my real parents who love and value me. I am now a new
creature because God has healed and delivered me.


Catherine from Uganda